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Students taking an eligible BCIT program have the option of combining part-time courses in order to apply for a full-time student loan. Students taking part-time studies must declare a program of study.

Step 1

You must submit a Specific Course Completion Contract (SCCC), to Student Financial Aid and Awards (SFAA). This will allow us to complete an Appendix three for your online StudentAidBC application. You can download SCCC form [PDF] or pick one up at the Student Financial Aid and Awards office.

Step 2

Apply online at StudentAidBC.

When completing “Part 2 – Program Information” of your online StudentAidBC application, ensure you select “Program dates not found“, this will send our office a request to complete an Appendix 3.

Once the Appendix 3 is submitted, you can submit your complete StudentAidBC online application.

For students that are applying through a province other than BC, contact Student Financial Aid and Awards office for instructions.

BCIT’s minimum “Full-time” course load criteria