Part-Time Funding

Important updates for students taking part-time studies

From August 1, 2012 onward: All BCIT students taking part-time studies courses who are applying for financial assistance are required to be enrolled in an approved program leading to a BCIT degree, diploma or certificate.

Canada student grant and loan

The Canada Student Grant and Loan program is a Federal funded program available to assist students studying on a part-time basis (20-59% course load) in an eligible BCIT program. Eligibility is also determined on the basis of assessed financial need.

Additional information is available from the Ministry of Advance Education on-line at or from the Student Financial Aid & Awards office.

All students taking part-time studies courses must declare a program of study in order to qualify for funding.

Download the Part-Time Studies Application form from our Download Forms web page.

Eligible programs

BCIT part-time programs that are eligible and ineligible for Canada Student Grant and Loan funding through StudentAidBC (SABC):

If you cannot locate your program name on either list, contact the SFAA office.


The Part-Time Studies Application must be completed in ink and submitted to SFAA. No faxed or emailed copies will be accepted.

Please provide the 5-digit CRN (Course Reference Number) when filling out your course information.

Apprenticeship programs do NOT qualify for StudentAidBC funding. Please contact the Apprentice Services office for information on financial assistance.