Mark Hird-Rutter

work experience

Mark Hird-Rutter teaches at BCIT as an Instructor in Geomatics. He has specialized in the field of photogrammetry (the science of making accurate measurements from photographs), Digital Mapping and CAD (Computer aided Drafting).

Mark has over 34 years experience in the mapping industry. During that time he worked and managed a variety of mapping tasks including; Project Planning, Proposal Writing, Control Layout and Design, Flight Design, Aerial Triangulation, Photogrammetric Compilation, Map editing, Map Publishing, Orthophoto Generation. Mark also designed an ISO compliant Quality Assurance system for a major mapping firm.

Mark moved to BCIT to teach in 2003 and developed several courses including Photogrammetry, Digital Mapping and MicroStation for Mapping course.


Graduated from BCIT as a Survey Technologyst in Photogrammetry 1974

Graduated from BCIT as a Survey Technologyst in Feild Survey 1976

Curriculum design, Lesson Planning, Study skills, BCIT 1990


In June 2006 he received the BCIT Teaching Excellence award.


Camera Calibration, Terrestrial Photogrammetry,

Running, Hiking Kayaking and Photography.

Global Warming and Environmental Issues