Pamela Salvador

work experience

Pam has enjoyed a diverse nursing and academic career in multiple settings including dental, primary, community, mental, public and student health services, in addition to orthopedic, medical-surgical units, and work as an independent contractor.During Pam's career, she was employed by McMaster University Faculty of Nursing as a BSN instructor, precepted Nurse Practitioners for a decade, acted as assistant facilitator for a McMaster PBSG group, and began a teaching contract with BCIT Faculty of Nursing 2019. As a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (NP-PHC), Pam provided education and care to individuals across the lifespan. A strong passion for teaching and Learning compelled Pam to return to the academic setting. Teaching Experience: BSNC 4030, BSNC 5030, BSNC 8100


M.Ed. Teaching, Learning and Development, Brock University, 2015; BScN/RN(EC), McMaster University,2 003; Certificate in Human Resource Management, University of Guelph; 1994; PBSG, McMaster University Continuing Education, 2000-2019; RN Diploma, Mack School of Nursing, 1986;Certified Dental Assistant, Niagara College, 1981.