Adrienne White

work experience

As a natural speaker and teacher, Adrienne White has taught and presented to thousands of people from around the world on topics that range from leadership, to communication, to change management – most always a thread of neuroscience included. She is a trusted advisor and coach who brings a genuine passion for advancing the potential and well being of people. Her corporate work includes over 20 years experience in the private and non‐profit sectors helping large and small organizations navigate successful major change, improving communications, and bringing out the best in people -- while improving employee well-being and stakeholder satisfaction. Strengthening cultures, organizations and engaging employees were fundamental to her work. Through that work she saw how profoundly the ‘inner game’ impacted the quality of leaders (at any level of an organization). Her work has largely shifted from the strategic processes and best practices for excellence, to working with people to understand the inner game, for themselves and their co-workers.


Master of Arts in Leadership, 2011


The neuroscience of leadership.