Mehdi Karimibiuki

work experience

8+ years of industry experience---6+ years of academic research and teaching experience


MASc. UBC 2009---MASc. UBC 2012---PhD Candidate UBC 2017


1- IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing, December 2018. (, Taipei• DynPolAC: Dynamic Policy-based Access Control for IoT systems2- ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security and PrivaCy (CPS-SPC), October 2018. (, Toronto• CORGIDS: A Correlation-based Generic Intrusion Detection System3- ACM IoT Conference, October 2018. (, Santa Barbara• MiniCloud: a mini storage and query service for local heterogeneous IoT devices4- UBC Cybersecurity Summit, May 2018. Invited Talk. (• Policy-based Access Control for IoT Systems5- USENIX Security Symposium, August 2017. Poster (• Access Control for IoT Systems6- Connectivity for the IoT, Workshop, May 2017: Poster ( Vancouver• Design of a Dynamic and Secure Storage Service for IoT Systems7- IoT Tech Day Conference, April 2017: demo and presentation ( Utrecht, Netherlands• Data Storage Model in IoT Systems.8- Embedded Linux Conference, 2013: 50-minute presentation ( Talk, San Francisco• Leveraging Linux - Code Coverage for Post-Silicon Validation9- IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2013 ( paper• Post-Silicon Code Coverage for Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Designs10- UBC, 2012 (• Post-Silicon Code Coverage for Functional Verification of Systems-on-Chip11- IEEE International High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop (HLDVT), 2011 ( - Napa Valley, California• Post-silicon code coverage evaluation with reduced area overhead for functional verification of SoC


IoT, Security of Cyber-Physical Systems, Drones' authentication, data authorization in dynamic IoT