Lenka Pitonakova


work experience

Lenka has over 10 years of coding, systems design, project management and mentoring experience. She specializes in agent-based modelling, AI, big data applications, and games development. She previously worked as a Senior Robotic Systems Developer at A&K Robotics, Vancouver. Before moving to Canada, she was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Bristol, The Bristol Robotics Laboratory and the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. She also worked as a Software Developer for various companies across Europe.


PhD, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, 2017


Lenka has done research in the areas of unsupervised learning, self-organization and swarm robotics. Her wider research interests include the emergence of intelligence in embodied systems and human-robot interaction.Her most prominent journal publications are: --- Pitonakova, L. & Bullock, S. (2020). The robustness-fidelity trade-off in Grow When Required neural networks performing continuous novelty detection. Neural Networks, 122, 183-195., --- Pitonakova, L., Crowder, R. & Bullock, S. (2018). Information exchange design patterns for robot swarm foraging and their application in robot control algorithms. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, DOI: 10.3389/frobt.2018.00047 --- Pitonakova, L., Crowder, R. & Bullock, S. (2018). The Information-Cost-Reward framework for understanding robot swarm foraging. Swarm Intelligence, 12(1), 71-96. --- Pitonakova, L., Crowder, R. & Bullock, S. (2016). Information flow principles for plasticity in foraging robot swarms. Swarm Intelligence, 10(1), 33–63.


Lenka enjoys creative writing, making music, drawing and studying Zen philosophy. In her free time, she also works on game projects of her own.