Samuel George

work experience

Over 30 years of Experience in Biomedical Engineering Technology field. Started the Career as a Junior Engineer, Instrumentation group of a National Research Centre, India. Then moved to Saudi Arabia as Biomedical Technician( Regional Specialist, Laboratory Instruments) for Ministry of Health, Tabuk Region. Also Engineer in-charge(Equipment Installation and Commissioning) for new Dhiba General Hospital. Then moved to Hammed Medical Corporation, Doha Qatar as BMET (Lab division), and served as Engineer in Charge (leave of absence) Dialysis, and during this period Designed, and Developed the State of the Art IVF Lab and Facility . From 2000 to 2014 Served as Manager, Equipment Maintenance, SLRI at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. Ontario. Canada. During this period has supervised two new Research and Outpatient Tower re-development projects. From 2010 to 2013 worked as Professor, Biomedical Engineering at Centennial College, Toronto Canada Since August 2016 joined at BCIT, Dept of Biomedical Engineering


* D. E (Electronics) * Advanced Certificate (Medical Electronics) *D M I E T E (Lic. Engineer Electronics and Telecommunication) * C Tech ( O A C E T T)


* Research and Lab Instrumentation * New Project, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Research Facilities