Kimberly Lee

work experience

Kimberly Lee began her nursing career at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto in 2001 working in the Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit. She met her husband and transferred her career to British Columbia, where she started working at the Royal Columbian Hospital as a Critical Care Float specializing in ICU/ER/PACU/CSICU. As Kimberly and her husband bought a home and started a family, Kimberly moved her career to the small community Hospital Ridge Meadows where she worked in ICU/ER/PACU. In 2010 Kimberly transitioned her profession into education. Her first position at BCIT was working with critical care nursing as a clinical instructor (St. Pauls Hospital). Kimberly enjoyed clinical teaching but ventured into becoming a lecturer in the High Acuity Nursing Program where she taught heart failure, ACS management and ECG interpretation. In 2012 there was an opportunity to work in the BSN program as a regularized faculty. Kimberly enjoyed a fruitful career with the BSN program working in all medical and surgical teaching areas, preceptorship, course writing, curriculum development, online education, research, and course lead/term lead positions. Kimberly is passionate about education, Interprofessional Collaboration, and leadership.


Kimberly began her passion for nursing at Mohawk College/McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) where she completed her diploma in nursing. After writing the RN examination and taking her first nursing position, she returned to school to specialize at George Brown College (Toronto, Ontario) in Critical Care Nursing. Kimberly was eager to learn more and continued her learning with a neurology and trauma certificate offered at Centennial and Humber College (Toronto, Ontario). Kimberly moved to BC where she completed her BSN through the University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia). As Kimberly transitioned from bedside nursing to education, she attended Athabasca University taking a Masters in Health Studies (MHS) program. Kimberly enjoyed the MHS program but felt that a specific MSN in nursing education would benefit her students so she enrolled in the MSN (education focused) program at Walden University (USA) to consolidate her educational teaching knowledge.


International Presentation and Publication at the research University of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Integration of flipped classrooms and problem based learning (PBL). Clinical research interests include systems management, leadership, IPE/IPC, preceptorship, and transitioning students into practice


Special Interests include curriculum development and implementation, alternative educational delivery methods, and online education