Trudi Howatt

work experience

Since my graduation as a registered nurse in 2009, I have primarily worked in emergency departments throughout the Fraser Health Authority. Prior to 2009, I worked as an LPN for 6 years, caring for clients in long term care units, and on sub-acute medical units. In 2007, I began my ED career as an ESN and have been committed to emergency nursing since. From 2012-2014, I had the privilege to teach in the Emergency Nursing program. In 2014, I had the amazing opportunity to live and work in the USA. My first nursing opportunity to nurse in the USA was in Washington state, where I obtained my nursing license and grounded my knowledge in different procedures, vocabulary, and medications. From there, I lived and worked in both Indiana, and Denver Colorado. After 3 years in the USA, we travelled home where I've since been employed at BCIT in the undergraduate program and have remained a causal RN at Surrey Memorial ED.


Having obtained my LPN at VCC, I opted to complete the LPN-RN bridging program offered at Douglas College. Shortly after graduating the BSN program, I enrolled at BCIT to complete the Emergency Nursing specialty.In 2016, I completed my Master in Nursing program at UVIC.Most recently, I have completed my CCNE designation (2020).


The focus of my MN capstone project included a detailed look at emergency nursing specialty education. I was drawn to this research after working with USA RNs in the ED setting, who did not receive formal education in ED nursing. At the time of the research, nurses obtained employment in the ED without advanced education and were trained on the job as a preceptorship/internship model. Since my initial research, colleges and hospitals were working on a collaborative model of formal education and "on the job" training. Building a formal specialty education framework takes time and we are very fortunate to have established programs in place here at BCIT.


Travel is my main special interest, with cruising at the top of the list. I also enjoy, hiking, swimming (scuba), and exploring. I've been living in a tiny space (300 sq ft) for the past 2.5 years and love the simplicity of tiny living.