Eric Saczuk

work experience

Eric Saczuk was 22 when he began his teaching career at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg as a sessional lecturer in GIS. A year later Eric opened a consulting company with two partners and began working on several interesting contracts related to computer networking and spatial data analysis. Since then, he has earned a Ph.D degree in Remote Sensing and Geomorphology and continues to provide geographical solutions as the sole proprietor of Isys Consultants.


B.A. Hons. University of Manitoba, 1996

Master of Arts University of Manitoba, 1998

Ph.D. University of Manitoba, 2006


Articles in the following publications;

Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 1997

Arctic, 2000

GIS Development, 2001

Journal of Mountain Science, 2004

Book chapter in A Message from the Tatra: Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing in Mountain Environmental Research. Widacki, W., Bytnerowicz, A. and Riebau, A. (Eds.), 2002


Eric believes that listening is much more rewarding than speaking and encourages his students to explore their own boundaries in order to learn more about themselves.