Ronald Jacklin

work experience

Ron began his multimedia career in 1989 as the head of the Imaging Department at Vision Presentations where he literally prepared thousands of corporate presentations for clients of all sizes. Eventually, Ron's department grew to be one of the largest of its kind in Western Canada. After almost 10 years with Vision, Ron joined Duocom (an MCSi company) in 1999. With over a billion dollars in sales, MCSi was then the world's largest Media Consultant/Systems Integrator and staging company. Ron first managed the Canadian graphics business before heading the North American Creative Services group.

His creative group also developed all the media for staged events for over a thousand MCSi AV specialists in Atlanta GA, Los Angeles, CA and Cincinnati, OH. One of these events included a presentation in 3D, another event used dozens of interstitials and commercials to simulate a SportsNet broadcast, the last one using multi-screen sync. The group also assisted the marking department in creating video/graphics for key marketing pitches for MCSi -- including a DVD video pitch for NASA.

In 2002, AV Video Multimedia Producer Magazine named Ron one of the top 100 producers in North America. Ron formed Jacklin Creative, the predecessor to the Media FX Group in 2003.

Ron's creative talent has been used to create videos and DVDs, deliver award galas, large sales meetings and corporate AGM's, augment product launches, trade shows and conferences, and engage customers through digital signage and interactive museum exhibits. His expertise and technology has also been used to deliver special effects in major motion film, as recently as the ''Fantastic 4, Rise of the Silver Surfer'' and local theatrical productions like ''Frost Nixon''. Across the internet, you can see Ron and his team's website development talent. Watch Steve Dotto's DottoTech TV program on you iPod or Blackberry by subscription (, you can post a story on our community website for the Royal Canadian Legion (, or on the Canadian Skin Care Patient Aliance (, and teachers can review eLearning lessons about children with Autism or FASD ( and

When not managing projects at the Media FX group, Ron is helping to create the next wave of multi-media talent in BC as an instructor in the New Media Design program at BCIT. Courses that Ron teaches include: Information Architecture, Interface Design, Media Techniques, and Human Factors.



Although multimedia (design / production / direction / instruction) is satisfying and enjoyable, my children, basketball, running, and time with friends and family are my driving force.