Richard Hart

work experience

Richard has over a decade of experience producing interactive applications and games. Richard was the founder of Ethical Entertainment, a company focused on harnessing the positive power of play to help educate and entertain kids and families.

Richard worked for a local Vancouver creative agency called Kidzsmart and was responsible for envisioning and creating an innovative augmented reality mobile app called SmartLenz that is now being utilized by leading restaurant chains in their kids programs.

Richard recently stepped down from his role as a Digital Director to explore new opportunities in the edTech space and consider the possibility of forming a new startup.

He has a passion for exploring how entertainment, games, psychology and technology can be used for education and social change.

When he is not dreaming up new innovative ideas you can find him hanging out with his family or creating and teaching innovative technology courses in his spare time at the British Columbia Institute of Technology where he has taught for the past 15 years. Richard currently instructs Comp 3912  iOS Application Development


Honours B.A. Psychology
McMaster, University


Applying technology, mobile devices, psychology and games to improve learning.