Ian Winter


work experience

Ian Winter has been a part-time instructor in the School Of Business since 1999.

After obtaining his MBA in 1995, Ian worked in several risk/relationship and project management roles with Scotiabank and Scotia Capital, beginning with small business financing and evolving to syndicated corporate lending in the technology sector.  In 2004, Ian took the role of COO with Yummy Interactive, a Vancouver-based technology provider of solutions for the secure digital delivery of PC games. In 2008, he co-founded MMX Software, a Gastown tech company dedicated to building peer-to-peer multiplayer online game engines. After the sale of MMX in 2011, Ian joined Jetpack Interactive as Development Director / COO. Jetpack is a boutique video game development studio that helps publishers and platform owners (Electronic Arts / Bandai Namco / Sony Entertainment) port their games to consoles like Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Currently, Ian teaches courses in business and strategy in the School Of Business.  He has also served as Subject Area Expert in Strategic Management in the BBA (Bachelor Of Technology) degree program.


BA (Hons) - Queen's University, 1990

MBA - University Of British Columbia, 1995


Econometric Modelling Of The Canadian Macroeconomy (authored with Martin Prachowny, et al.), 1990


Project Management

Strategic Decision-Making

Human Resource Management