Kevin Cudihee

work experience

I came to BCIT with 20 years of industry experience that included: operations, team building, fiscal responsibility, new product development and marketing.

Over my career I have recruited, mentored and trained thousands of people in multiple technologies and built brand recognition with products and services in revenue generating operations.

My first leadership role was with a Quebec based film chain providing photographic products and services. I was promoted to supervise the east coast region focusing on physical expansion, recruiting, training and providing direction to over 80 staff members for 7 years.

During that time I traveled extensively and I gained practical operations, business management and significant training experience. By 1983 we were generating $6-million per year. In today's dollar value that is $15-million per year.

I started in the computer business with a Texas based computer manufacturer in a marketing function on the east coast. At that time the personal computer was new and client-server minicomputers dominated the market.

My first task was to increase the adoption of the PC into small and medium business and education. I also provided training on computer systems.

In 1987 I transferred to the west coast to supervise accounts in Victoria. I was responsible for deploying some of the first PC-based network accounting systems and desktop publishing solutions with laser printers. We also provided computer hardware, memory, peripherals with support and training to business, VARS, healthcare, government and education.

When PC clones took over the market we bundled software with hardware, support services and training for complete solution packages. At that point in time there were very few PC based business applications that ran on networks.

I was promoted to branch manager in Vancouver to lead an outbound team with technical support and also operate a classroom. I taught operating systems, spreadsheets and databases to our business clients. We had the distinction of deploying some of the first networked PCs with education software into BC public schools in 1988.

Later my duties included being chief systems integrator for a touch screen point-of-sale system with vertical market customization and a UNIX-based accounting system. I also lead the in-house computer support team for all of western Canada in 1991.

I started with BCIT as Operations Coordinator for Computer Systems, CST Part-time Studies. My job description included increasing student satisfaction and doubling course registrations. We achieved that goal by 1998 and ever since then I have focused on developing and delivering Computing and IT curriculum that produces job ready graduates.


As Program Head I am responsible for the COMP PTS curriculum as well as operations. I conduct market research working with program advisory committees, industry experts and PTS instructors to keep our programs relevant.

I have been involved in the design and delivery of hundreds of courses in multiple computing and IT programs. My department has helped thousands of students achieve career success by completing a credential one course at a time.

Every term we deliver over 75 individual COMP courses that are interlaced into 12 part-time credential including the laddered CST/PTS Diploma leading to the CST BTech. I have helped to guide students through over 120,000 course registrations and program completion.

I coordinate 70 PTS instructors and 2 support staff who deliver 400+ courses with over 6,000 student registrations each year. Together we have created or updated 150+ COMP courses that have generated over $60-million in tuition for BCIT.

COMP courses include programming languages for software development, web and mobile applications; data modeling and analytics, database design, administration and business intelligence; network design, administration and security; plus expert level end-user training.

I have created a series of Applied Associate Certificates as related sub-sets or follow-on to the CST Diploma aimed at those with other education and work experience. These shorter credential programs help our PTS students learn new Computing and IT skills as well as earn BCIT credentials one course at a time.

Part-time Studies is the ideal model for adult education with industry recognized and affordable programs. BCIT Computing is integral to the success of the high tech sector in BC. Our PTS graduates are recognized by industry has having career ready IT skills.


BCIT Computing includes 30 different computing and IT program options: Full-time, Fast track and Part-time Studies. I led the team that built our sector based Computing PTS website, coordinating development of our central landing page for BCIT Computing.

Every term I take the opportunity to meet as many students as possible by conducting public information sessions and visiting many classes in person. I have developed a Computing PTS Student Guide to set workload expectations and realistic steps for credential completion.

I was an original member of the BCIT PTS (Life Long Learning) Council, the BCIT Marketing Council and the Computer Lab (User Chair) Advisory Council. I am currently the Computer Systems Tech Rep for the Faculty and Staff Association (FSA).

My methods have been documented as best practices to help guide PTS coordinators and program heads across BCIT. I was nominated for Employee Excellence several times and in 2011 was awarded the Extra Mile Individual Award for Faculty. As a department we received a BCIT Outstanding Contribution Award in 2016.

When I am not working I enjoy fresh air, walking, photography, cooking and road trips. I am currently restoring two vintage cars that have a combined age of 70 years. The Internet has been extremely helpful in finding like minded people, detailed information and reasonably priced parts.

Since 2002 I have adopted two adult dogs; first a 10 year-old Chocolate Labrador and later a 6 year-old Golden Retriever, both lived to be almost 14. Our local animal shelters are full so please consider that option for your future best friend.

I have been an advocate for BCIT and the Part-time Studies delivery model for over 30 years. BCIT Computing PTS courses have helped thousands of people acquire IT skills and credentials for career success, one course at a time.