Mirela Gutica


work experience

Mirela Gutica is Faculty member and Option Head in the School of Computing and Academic Studies, at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her interests in computing technology include digital logic design, computer architecture, programming languages, operating systems and human-computer interaction. She is also involved in research in learning theories, education technologies and intelligent pedagogical agents.

Over the years, Mirela Gutica taught in post-secondary education at BCIT and Douglas College courses in programming methodologies, discrete mathematics, computer architecture, operating systems, web development, system internals and research methodologies. She is the Option Head for Technical Programming since 2002. She is interested in enhancing students’ learning experiences and creating a learning community. Mirela Gutica organized and participated in several events that showcased students’ projects and connected them with specialists from industry.

Mirela Gutica completed in May 2014 a PhD in Curriculum Studies with a specialization in Technology Studies. In her PhD thesis, Mirela Gutica studied how emotion influences learning in the context of tutoring systems. She designed an educational game, Heroes of Math Island, for students in grades five to seven, and analyzed the learners’ emotional states as they interacted with it. Her findings will benefit researchers and designers in the field of advanced learning technologies.



Areas of study: Curriculum Studies,Technology Study Education, Adaptive Interfaces

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Petrina

Committee Members: Dr. Cristina Conati and Dr. Don Krug

Dissertation: Designing Educational Games and Advanced Learning Technologies: An Identification of Emotions for Modelling Pedagogical and Adaptive Emotional Agents


Gutica, M. (2015). Design, learn and play: Designing engaging educational computer games (accepted in the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, 2015).

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Gutica,M. (2013, June). Research platform for adaptation to affective states in the context of intelligent tutoring systems. Presentation at the BCIT Applied Research Conference.


Reading, visual arts, photography, outdoor activities: gardening, hiking and skiing