Benjamin Yu

work experience

Benjamin began his career at BCIT in 1994 as a part time instructor in the Computer Systems Technology (CST) department of the School of Computing and Academic Studies. At that time, he was also an assistant professor at Trinity Western University. Prior to that, he worked at Bell Northern Research in Ottawa, IBM in Toronto, and taught at the University of Toronto. He joined BCIT full time in 1995. He became the Database option head of the CST diploma program, and moved on to become the program head of the Bachelor of Technology program in 1996, Associate Dean of the CST department from 2004 to 2006. His love of teaching takes him back as Option Head of Database in the CST department which was his first role when he started at BCIT, but with very different technologies! Throughout his career at BCIT, he was involved in a number of program development initiatives, research projects, and international partnership programs with Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Benjamin also completed a special project working with Dr. Carl Wieman, Nobel Prize physicist with a passion in teaching and learning, at the University of British Columbia from 2008 - 2010. Benjamin's interests in education include probing student thinking and learning of computing concepts, using active engagements in the classroom, and assessing the effectiveness of invention activities to prime student learning.


MET (Master of Educational Technology), University of British Columbia. May 2008.

Ph.D. University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science. (Research area: use of speculative techniques in parallel languages.) July 1993.

M.Sc. University of British Columbia, Department of Computer Science. (Research area: combination of relational and functional language.) October 1984.

B.Sc. (Honors). University of British Columbia, Department of Computer Science. (Major areas: Mathematics and Computer Science.) May 1982.


Benjamin's research areas span from computing to education. In computing, his interests include data, database, data science, and artificial intelligence. In education, he is interested in curriculum development, course delivery, and student assessment. Combining both computing and education, he is interested in apply data analytics to education to assess student learning.


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