Michelle McCutchon


work experience

Michelle first attended BCIT as a student for the Auto Service Technician in 1994.

She also took the Instructor Diploma Program in her first year of apprenticing. In 1996 she started teaching a program she developed called 'Auto Knowledge for Women'.



Rock sculpting evolved from Michelle’s experience with Nursing, First Aid and becoming a Journeyperson in Auto Mechanics. Anatomy of nursing and the tools of mechanics geared Michelle for sculpting rock torsos. She mostly carves human figures with minimal detail and a touch of similar abstract you can recognize from piece to piece. Various rocks are used such as soapstone, alabaster, chlorite, marble, jade and always experimenting with different rocks.
The rock is carved using pneumatic powered chisels, rotary dremels, and grinders. Most work is done in her soundproof home studio situated in her garden. Smaller pieces are sometimes worked on by the oceanside.
She has participated in dozens of exhibitions, juried events and received many awards.

To see photos log on to: www.linkedin.com Michelle McCutchon / van Dongen