Gary Lund
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Gary Lund is a Vancouver-based editor and writer. As a technical editor, he specializes in plain language (restructuring and simplifying overwritten materials), while editing for readability, clarity, and grammar. He edits or helps develop policies, educational materials, business plans, marketing plans, marketing materials, communications plans, reports, assessments, technical documents, and web site content. As a writer, he specializes in business profiles and technical and management articles, mostly for automotive trades magazines.

Earlier, Gary worked in retail, drafting, ranching, horticulture, and arboriculture. In the 1980s, he oversaw planting and horticultural/arboricultural maintenance as a foreman in the City of Red Deer Parks Department. Later, he gained additional management experience as an entrepreneur in horticulture.

His most recent work experience includes a dual position with BCIT as Technical Writer/Policy Editor and Instructional Materials Developer, concurrently with freelance journalism for the trade magazines Collision Quarterly and Tow Canada. He is also a volunteer and freelance ESL tutor and editor.



Gary has over 85 published articles in the areas of management, business profiles, personality profiles, and technical articles, primarily in the automotive trade magazines Collision Quarterly and Tow Canada; and opinion pieces in West Coast Editor, on language use.


Topics: policies, education, automotive, business management, horticulture.

Additional interests: plain language, language teaching (ESL), photography, politics, psychology.

Member of the Editors’ Association of Canada since 2005.