Project Types

Facilities and Campus Development receives project requests from various groups at the Institute. The types of projects undertaken by our department fall under four main categories based on funding source. The categories are as follows:

Ministry funded capital projects

The Ministry of Advanced Education (AVED) allots funding based on the Capital Asset Reference Guide (CARG) and for all BC post-secondary institutions. BCIT can receive funding based on five categories via the Five Year Capital Plan or Routine Capital processes as outlined below:

Five Year Capital Plan process

Routine Capital process

The full CARG guidelines [PDF], including detailed project categories, can be found on the AVED website. BCIT's Five Year Capital Plan is submitted and prepared by the Campus Development Division.

BCIT capital funded projects

BCIT capital funded projects receive funding through the BCIT annual operations and budget process.

School funded projects

Facilities and Campus Development managed non-maintenance capital projects funded by BCIT Schools and Departments.