North Campus Infrastructure Project

Project description

The North Campus Infrastructure project will provide an essential upgrade of BCIT's electrical infrastructure. Electrical power at the Burnaby Campus is provided mainly through two on-campus high voltage (HV) receiving stations – "Goard Way" (South) and "Canada Way" (North), connected to the 12.5K HV BC Hydro service.

The project includes the replacement a hydro receiving station that is reached the end of serviceable life and requires immediate replacement. The hydro station powers approximately 50 percent of the campus, including all of the institute's Burnaby-based trades education programs. Eleven substations and all related infrastructure will be replaced at the same time.

This upgrade ensures that operations at BCIT will continue uninterrupted by power failures and provides a foundation for planned renovations and new buildings at the Burnaby Campus while advancing the institute's sustainability goals by allowing for improved delivery and management of energy.

Construction Progress (updated April 26, 2018)

Utility Total Installed(m) Project Total(m) % Complete
Watermain 1376 1907 72%
Storm 168 768 22%
Sanitary 0 285 0%
Gas 542 700 77%
Duct Bank 616 1860 33%
Elec Manholes 23 39 59%
HV/LV Cable Pulls 0 28185 0%


The objective of the proposed upgrade works is to improve the resiliency and reliability of the electrical infrastructure at BCIT. The scope of work defined to achieve project objectives includes:

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Project funding

The total project cost is estimated at $46.9 million.

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