50th Anniversary and Related Summer Maintenance Projects

Project description

Facilities and Campus Development’s summer maintenance projects have begun and this year, many of the efforts are being leveraged for the institute’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. The work will include grounds and maintenance, signage and wayfinding, and painting and exterior upgrade projects.

Maintenance work is not always visible to campus users, for instance when it’s being done on rooftops, on building systems or underground infrastructure. However, there are a number of projects on this summer’s roster that will be particularly visible and in line with 50th Anniversary preparations.

Some of the projects to watch for:
Canada Way & Willingdon landscape feature
Landscape feature at the northwest corner of Burnaby Campus which will include the installation of flag poles, lighting and new plantings marking this entry point.
Building exterior painting
For buildings NE23, NE24, NE28, NW5 and NW6. Painting and improvements are also scheduled for the SE12 breezeway adjacent to the Tim Horton's at Campus Cafe.
Building cleaning
Targeted exterior power washing of buildings and/or associated structures, including SE12 stairwell, SE4 greenhouse, NE16, SW2, SW1, NE18, NE20, SE2.
Lamp standard painting
Along Smith Street and around the buildings slated for painting (listed above.)
Monument sign renewal
Monument signs are freestanding, ground signs that are used to identify buildings on campus. Signs, along with associated lighting, at various locations around the Burnaby Campus will be cleaned, painted and updated.
Rain garden installation
Located at southwest corner of NE8 and includes outdoor seating.
General planting bed renewal
For various planting beds around campus, including locations at SE10, SE2 Rix patio and the Goard Way entrance.
Downtown Campus (DTC) signage
Enhanced signage at the DTC campus to improve street level visibility.

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