Project Services' begins implementation once a project agreement has been finalized through initiation and feasibility with Campus Development. Our division applies an integrated project delivery process by involving stakeholder groups at all stages. Though projects vary in scope, timeline and budget, most follow a similar process which can involve external contractors, internal departments and local governing bodies to develop a project from design and documentation to construction and completion.

For customer departments looking for more information on how to best facilitate a project, visit our Elements of a Successful Project page.

Design development

Design development refines schematic designs identified in the feasibility study. These detailed designs outline architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural systems. This stage works to develop the full project scope and refine the project budget. Design development:

Contract documentation

A complete set of working drawings and specifications are produced during contract documentation. Moving forward, these documents are used for tendering and making permit applications. The permit application process:


The tender process secures a contractor for project construction. This process is regulated and:


The construction stage involves a number of stakeholders and is a key aspect of project implementation. The resources required for a project to complete construction depends on size, complexity and availability of construction trades. During construction, Project Services manages:


For a project to be deemed complete, the following items must be addressed and/or provided to the Facilities Services team a part of the official hand over for the project: