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Project Description

BCIT’s School of Health Sciences is a recognized leader in experiential learning, and the new Health Sciences Centre will provide comprehensive health sciences simulation in multiple care settings including hospital, community, clinics, residential and home care services.

Experiential learning allows students to safely practice within a controlled environment as they develop their clinical skills. The Health Sciences Centre will enable the integration of all health disciplines into the simulation environment, partnering with patient care programs.

Through the use of technology and on-site learning spaces, the School of Health Sciences will provide personalized, collaborative, inter professional learning opportunities that promote active participation of all health sciences professions whether located in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada or the world.

The Health Science Centre will create opportunities for inter professional collaboration with experts and learners from different areas where they can immerse themselves in new realities and jointly engineer solutions. This approach links institutions together with industry to create an inspirational environment conducive to learning, teaching, researching and innovating.

This integrated and comprehensive centre will advance progressive clinical education through sophisticated simulation, modern classroom technology, and inter-professional practice.

A centerpiece for the Burnaby Campus, the planned Health Sciences Centre will allow BCIT to advance teaching and learning technologies and significantly increase training capacity for key in-demand healthcare professionals. Download the case for support to learn more.

A Foundation For Better Healthcare in BC

The HSC will be a modern and adaptive learning and research facility, breaking down traditional learning silos to foster interdisciplinary learning. The four-storey, 9,909 square-metre (106,660 square-feet), net-zero carbon emission building will integrate patient-care simulation, allied health and laboratory science, while providing graduates with urgently-needed, hands-on skills. It will become a critical hub for healthcare education within the province.

Learning Environments That Mimic Real World Scenarios

At HSC, healthcare students will be more effectively prepared for clinical roles through technology-based learning experiences and sophisticated simulation environments. Augmented and virtual reality systems and 3D learning settings will not only simulate real-world scenarios, but also accommodate personalized and collaborative learning.

Features For Advancing Education Include:

  • Simulations that uniquely replicate hospital workflows
  • Flexibility for future changes in education practices
  • Applied learning and living laboratories
  • Simulation labs
  • Multipurpose rooms (Collaborative Project-Based Learning Spaces)
  • Electronic Health Recording Stations

Approx. number of students accommodated: ~7,000

Project targeted date for completion: April, 2022

Projected cost of the new Health Sciences Centre: $78.3 M

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Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions about the Health Sciences Centre project, please contact Christie Paxton, Senior Project Manager.


December 2016 business case report [PDF]
April 2016 concept plan report [PDF]
April 2016 brochure [PDF]