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Project Description

Building NE21 is being deconstructed and removed, leaving behind only the slab and foundation for future use (not included in this project’s scope). There is an occupied building (NE23) immediately to the east, an occupied building (NE02) across the lane to the north, and another occupied building (NE22) across English Street to the south. A brand new walkway, canopy, and landscaping abuts directly to the site on the west.

Project location:  BCIT Burnaby Campus, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2 – Building NE21

Project Schedule: Summer 2020

Project Budget: $1.0M

Environmental consultant  will be responsible for all HAZMAT and safety testing of building NE21, provide necessary documents and reports to BCIT


Safety and HAZMAT

All the required HAZMAT and safety testing, abatement removal will be completed and reported to BCIT Safety, Security and Emergency Management (SSEM) and Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S) offices for review and approval


All the deconstruction work will be done without any interruption to the BCIT Burnaby campus operations