Project Notices

For notices related to the North Campus Infrastructure project, please visit the North Campus Infrastructure Construction notices page.

Construction Notice - SE12-206Z, 207W Carpet Install

Construction Schedule: January 19 – 22, 2018
Location: SE12-206Z, 207W
Description of Project: Carpet installation
Customer Impact: Minor walking traffic disruption and possible (low or zero VOC) adhesive smells
Contractor: Maxwell Floors

If you have any question about this scheduled construction, please contact Virginie Wong at 604-456-8081 or

Construction Notice – Burnaby Campus SE04 Mining Lab

Construction Schedule: January 8 – April 30, 2018
Location: SE04 Rooms 102, 103, and 115
Description of Project: New partitioning in the space, new finishes, millwork, and associated mechanical and electrical renovations. Washrooms upgrade in the building is needed to bring them up to the current building code. Scope also includes associated hazmat abatement work
Customer Impact: Some level of noise. Restricted access to the washrooms during certain times of the construction duration.
Contractor: Holaco Construction
Consultant: Colborne Architectural Group

If you have any question about this scheduled construction, please contact Sally Han at 604-456-1147

Construction Notice - Hot Water Pipe Upgrade NE01

REVISED Project Schedule, January 16 to March 2, 2018
All project work is scheduled for 9 pm to 5 am the next day, Sundays to Thursdays, unless noted otherwise. Toilets and cold water at sinks will be working and hot water will be returned to service as soon as possible.
Sun Jan 14 – Thu Jan 18: Hot water will be off in all east side washrooms and in room 310.
Sun Jan 21 – Thu Feb 1: Hot water will be off in 1st floor east workshops, room 118A and southeast janitor sinks.
Sun Feb 4 – Thu Feb 15: Hot water will be off in 1st floor west workshops, room 122, janitor rooms 120, 218, 225, 247, 306, 331E, 341 & 418, and the kitchenette in 331E. Users in other parts of the building may have to let the water run for a bit for it to become hot.
Fri Feb 16 – Sun Feb 18: Hot water will be off to Kitchen rooms 223A, 223B, 223C, 223D & 224.
Tue Feb 20 – Wed Feb 21: No water shutdown scheduled.
Fri Feb 23 – Sun Feb 25: HOT WATER OFF in the ENTIRE BUILDING in the evening from 9 pm to 5 am, Friday to Monday inclusive.
Wed Feb 28 – Fri Mar 2: Work is completed; site clean-up and de-mobilization, 5 am to 4 pm.

Reason: Domestic hot water distribution pipes are being lined with an epoxy resin in order to seal the pipes and eliminate water leaks that are developing in the system. This work will extend the life of the pipes.
Type of Shut Down: Hot water services
Customer Impact: During the execution of this project, hot water will be unavailable in certain rooms and for certain times but toilets will still work and cold water will be available at all fixtures. Work will occur at night to minimize impact to building users. CuraFlo staff will always wear clothing displaying their logo so they can be identified as CuraFlo of British Columbia Ltd. employees.

Physical disruptions: One and two inch diameter hoses will run through hallways to washrooms, janitor rooms and rooms with sinks/hot water. In some cases, hoses will run through spaces without hot water services in order to access those that do. When possible, hoses will be run overhead to avoid crossing doorways or heavy traffic areas. Cones and caution tape will be placed in the vicinity of hoses and workers for awareness. Hoses will be removed from the building at the end of each shift.

Noise: Typical noises for this project involve the crew communicating with each other over their two way radios, intermittent use of reciprocating saws to cut pipe, low air hissing from compressed air moving through hoses, and the sound of a compressor running outside the building in the parking lot on the west side of NE01.

Parking: Equipment will be set up and on site in parking Lot 21 (west side of NE01) for the duration of the project. They will take up approximately four parking spots as demarked by Safety and Security.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Susan Maclaren at 604-456-8104 or OR Greg Obanos Dassoy at 604-432-8169 or

Construction Notice – Burnaby Campus NE22 Modular Building

Construction Schedule: September 18, 2017 to January 31, 2018
Location: NE22 lot
Description of Project: New Modular building on NE22 lot
Customer Impact: Fencing around NE22 lot. Construction noise and traffic on site and English Street.
Contractor: Britco Construction
Consultant: DA architect

If you have any question about this scheduled construction, please contact Sally Han at 604-456-1147 or