Snow and Ice Removal Plan

Priority 1Guichon Creek

To keep fire lanes free and clear of snow and ice and to provide safe pedestrian access to all buildings on campus.

Priority 2

To ensure that major parking lots and roadways are free and clear of snow and ice prior to the morning arrival of students and staff on campus.

Priority 3

The maintenance of conditions throughout the day and clear secondary roadways and parking lots.

Resources are deployed throughout campus consistent with the priorities set above.



How does BCIT prepare for the winter season?
BCIT Facilities Services, in cooperation with Safety and Security, has a comprehensive snow plan that supports daily operations across the institute.

When does BCIT decide to begin clearing the campuses of snow?
During the winter season, Facilities Services monitors forecast weather conditions and establishes a snow clearing/salting strategy by 2:00 p.m. each day for the following 24 hour period.

What if I arrive on campus and it has not been cleared?
Heavy snow clearing equipment, including front-end loaders and bobcats, will be scheduled as required overnight from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. the following day clearing all fire lanes, roads, parking lots, and sidewalks on campus in the above priority order.

Does the snow clearing stop after 7:00 am?
Facilities Services crews will continue to work throughout the day to maintain clear conditions.

What if I drive to campus and my assigned parking lot is closed?
Closure of parking lots will occur under extreme conditions only. Employees impacted can visit Safety and Security for reassignment to another employee parking lot. Students will have multiple parking lots accessible for parking as their parking is not designated to specific parking lots. Facilities Management and Safety and Security will designate lots that are available to pedestrians and vehicles.

How do I know if campuses are open?
Check the BCIT homepage regularly for information regarding weather alerts. Registrants will also receive alerts via the BCIT Alert system. These updates will be made available to staff and students in a timely manner. Local media will also be updated on specific campus closures.

How do I prepare for the weather?
It is the responsibility of all staff and students to arrive on campus prepared for the weather. Suitable clothing and appropriate footwear should be worn for winter walking conditions. Plan your commute with weather and road conditions in mind during inclement weather periods. Provide yourself additional commute time to arrive safely. Consider winterizing your vehicle with snow tires and proper equipment for vehicle snow removal

What do I do if my car gets stuck in the snow?
If you experience problems with your vehicle, contact a tow truck company to assist you in removing your vehicle in a safe manner. Vehicle owners/operators are responsible for any damage caused to their own vehicle or the property of others impacted by your vehicle.