Facilities Services Division

BCIT's Facilities Services division delivers maintenance and operations for all five BCIT campuses. We are committed to efficiently and effectively maintaining facilities, while providing a safe, comfortable and functional environment for the campus community in a sustainable way.

With five campus locations, Facilities Services and our contractors maintain and operate 53 buildings, over 22.45 ha (2,417,378 ft2) of interior space and 62.23 ha (153.8 acres) of exterior grounds including in-house maintenance of the main Burnaby Campus, which has 606.35 ha (139.2 acres) of land, and a building area of 18.35 ha (1,975,027 ft2).

Maintenance Planning

Effective maintenance planning helps extend the life span of Institute facilities. Our division addresses three major types of maintenance—on-demand, scheduled and life-cycle evaluation—within the context of a wider annual plan. Learn more about the types of maintenance beyond basic fix and repairs, as well as how to submit a work request.

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Operational Services

Our five main Operational Services areas are:

Maintenance and repair by our Trades Services

custodial Custodial
Schedules and information about campus custodial services
Waste Waste Management
Schedules and information about campus recycling and waste services
cherry blossoms Grounds, Landscaping & Pest Management
Schedules and information about campus grounds, landscaping and integrated pest management
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management
Details on the Energy Team and Institute carbon emissions

Sustainability Practices

Facilities Services is committed to sustainable practices and standards across all areas of operation in support of BCIT's vision and commitment to integrating sustainability into the Institute.

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