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Facilities and Campus Development have been working behind the scenes to make sure that campus is a safe and welcoming space for all our learners, staff and community users.

We have been working with campus partners to make sure BCIT exceeds the Provincial guidance on providing a safe return to campus this Fall. You can find more about how our teams in building services, and custodial services, have been preparing campus to fully reopen.

Building Services

BCIT employs a highly skilled team of staff to address emergency, routine, reactive and preventative maintenance across the campus. This is made up of teams to support general trades, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.

Facilities Services follows a rigorous Best Practices preventative maintenance program. Our sophisticated work flow management system generates and assigns all required proactive maintenance tasks to our in-house building trades and specialized contractors. All the work is tracked to ensure it is completed on schedule and to standard.

Spot a problem?

If you notice a problem with campus we will fix it.


Building Services FAQs

Custodial Services

BCIT’s Facilities Services manages and oversees a third-party contract who provides custodial services for the campus community. BCIT complies with Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) cleaning standards and operates under the LEED Green Cleaning program.

Our usual cleaning schedule mandates daily cleaning of all major shared space, including classroom, corridors and hallways, labs, recreation areas, and stairs.

Find more information about our cleaning services

However, we have introduced enhanced cleaning schedules to meet the challenges posed by Covid-19. This includes touch points cleaned at least twice daily and the provision of hand sanitizer stations. Disinfectants have been sourced from an approved Covid-19 Health Canada list of products.

We also offer emergency cleaning to immediately address problems like:

• Liquid spills in hallways or stairwells that may pose a slipping hazard
• Slippery floors due to rain or snow
• Ceiling or roof leaks
• Carpet spills, such as coffee, juice, food or ink
• Toilets overflowing or not flushing
• Smells of fumes or strong odours

Custodial Services FAQs