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Project description

"Canada Way" BC Hydro Service Replacement is the replacement of an obsolete hydro receiving station on the north half of Burnaby campus. This receiving station is at risk of complete failure and primarily serves the trades education zone on the campus. Failure of this receiving station would result in cessation of trades education programs at BCIT, in addition to a variety of other programs with classes in buildings in the northern portion of campus. Electrical power at the BCIT Campus is provided mainly through two on-campus high voltage (HV) receiving stations – "Goard Way" (South) and "Canada Way" (North), connected to the 12.5K HV BC Hydro service. The "Canada Way" receiving station supplies power to eleven substations and serves the entire campus area north of Goard Way, a zone that includes all of BCIT's trades education programs. A recently completed condition assessment by Stantec shows that approximately 50% of the electrical service infrastructure, which includes the north campus receiving station and its 11 substations, is past expected serviceable life and is in need of immediate replacement. Furthermore; 36% of the electrical equipment in this zone is due for replacement over the next 10 years. Simply put, 86% of the electrical equipment serving BCIT's Burnaby trades education is either obsolete or nearing obsolescence.

Project objectives

The objective of the proposed upgrade works is to improve the electrical infrastructure resiliency at BCIT and to increase the BC Hydro contingency limit which is 2.0 MW. The scope of work defined to achieve project objectives includes:

  • Construct a new power receiving substation to replace the existing aging Canada Way receiving substation
  • Infrastructure improvements associated with the adjacent modernization of electrical upgrades.
  • Replace all aging unit substations on the north campus serving buildings north of Goard Way over a period of four (4) years.
  • Establish a new BC Hydro connection at the corner of Carey Ave and Canada Way. The new electrical backbone infrastructure is to be built on the north campus. It will encompass three major electrical services:
    • High voltage (HV -12.5/25kV)
    • Low voltage (LV - below 750V) and,
    • Telecommunication / control / safety service.


May 2016 Concept Report [PDF]
May 2016 brochure [PDF]