Sean Now Works as A Radio/Communications Technician for The RCMP

Sean Wharrie came to BCIT at the age of 33, determined to find a new career. After eight years in the glass industry, he was ready for a new direction and new challenges. Sean figured electronics would offer that challenge, and a work environment that suited him.

When he came to BCIT, his plan was to enroll in the Avionics Technician program as his second year option. During his first year of study, Sean had the opportunity to tour the labs and learn more about some of the other second year options. He ultimately decided the Wireless Communications Technician program was a better fit with his interests. “Radios were my main interest, and the wireless program dealt with them in more depth than the other programs.”

Sean now works as a Radio/Communications Technician for the RCMP. His job is to install, maintain and repair radio and computer equipment used by the force. This is exactly the job he’d dreamed of. “Being employed by the RCMP is what I am most proud of. This is exactly the type of work and environment I had hoped to achieve after graduation from BCIT.”

Sean also has a lot of good things to say about his BCIT program. “The whole learning experience was positive.” He has found that his program gave him all the knowledge he needed to work as a radio technician and that he is prepared for the “continued learning that is expected of a professional technician.” Sean has also noticed that employers value his BCIT diploma as much as he does. “Having a BCIT diploma is a prerequisite for most jobs I have found,” says Sean. 

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