Sheldon Found A Trade Where There Is Always Something New to Learn

Sheldon Scott knew what he wanted when he came to BCIT. His plan was to complete the Electronics common core program, and then take Industrial Instrumentation and Controls as his second year option. After obtaining his diploma, he hoped to find an apprenticeship position so he could become a ticketed Industrial Instrument Mechanic.

student in lab

Sheldon’s plan is well underway. A few months before he completed his diploma, Instrument Supervisors from Harmac Pulp Operations (a division of Pope and Talbot) came to interview technician students for apprenticeship positions at the mill. Sheldon landed a position, and went to work immediately after graduation.

“I work at a pulp mill where I maintain and calibrate process control equipment. My job is to check on installed process control elements, troubleshoot control/process problems, prep and install new equipment and sometimes rebuild older equipment.” Instrumentation at the mill ranges from “old” to the latest and greatest new technology. Sheldon figures he won’t ever be bored in his job, because he’s found a trade where there is always something new to learn.

Back at BCIT for his fourth year apprenticeship studies, Sheldon is ready to learn more. BCIT has “the best instrumentation training facility,” he says. “All of the hands-on lab time really helps your understanding of the instruments, processes and the control systems.” 

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