I Didn’t Want to Quit My Day Job, But I Needed A Path That Could Help Me Become A Professional Engineer.

At the age of 30, Russell Chore realized he needed a career change. While he enjoyed his role as a technologist for BC Hydro, he found himself drawn to the kind of work done by engineers at the company. Like technologists, the engineers were practical problem solvers, although their jobs stressed design and analysis. This appealed to Russell, who worked with them on a regular basis. However to become a professional engineer, he'd need to go back to school.

russell chore graduate

At the same time, says Russell, he didn't want to quit his day job. After all, he already had a foundation of life and work experience he wanted to continue to build upon. BCIT's Bachelor of Technology in Electronics program offered him the flexibility to continue his education on a part-time basis while keeping his regular work schedule.

Now, having completed the program, Russell says it was "a perfect fit" for his needs. With hard work, he completed the part-time program in just three-and-a-half years, and was able to continue working at his full-time job. Russell was impressed with BCIT's small class sizes and the individual attention he received from instructors, who helped him to master each course before moving on to the next level.

And while Russell is still working his way towards Professional Engineer status having achieved excellent marks so far on the National Engineering exams;his education has already helped to advance his career. In his recently acquired role as a Protection Planning Engineer in training at BC Hydro, he spends less time performing detailed design work and more time working on analysis and problem solving.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Program Head, BTech (Electronics) states, "I am so proud of Russell. He has a bright future ahead of him. He is an example of the ideal and hard working student that will succeed because of this program. I want to encourage others looking to build on their technology education background but not wanting to quit their day job, to explore this flexible degree option."

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