Finding A Job Was No Problem at All

"Some days I can't believe I get paid for this", says Angie Gregson, a shop teacher at Eagle Mountain Middle School. Angie loves her job, and highly recommends the BCIT Technology Teachers Education program, which opened the door to her career. She says that the program is for anyone who has a passion for teaching and for this subject area.

She found it both "challenging and rewarding". In class, you are able to explore – do projects in your areas of interest, and ones that force you to work outside your comfort zone, she explains. She says that the program fully prepared her to continue on to get her teaching degree at UBC and to take on her career.

"The staff is knowledgeable, supportive and approachable", she says. "In fact, I am still in contact with many of the instructors." She says they have been very willing to provide help, if she has any questions.

Finding a job was no problem at all. She said that she was offered jobs in two districts before she finished her practicum. She says her husband, who just graduated from the same program, was offered a full time contract right away, too.

Angie found out about the BCIT Technology Teacher Education program from her high school auto teacher and is very glad she did. "He knew I wanted to be a teacher and thought I might be interested in the TTED program because of my aptitude and enthusiasm for mechanics. He was right. I can't imagine having any other job."

Angie's course is the first exposure most student’s have to woodwork, electronics and other technology subjects. She says that it’s very exciting to watch the students as they try making things and become proficient at it. "It is also a great way to connect with some of the students who are less than enthusiastic about other areas of school.

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