“One of the best decisions I have made in my career.”

StudentJessica Kwok
Chemical and Environmental Technology Program - Process Engineering Option
Graduated with Distinction in 2016
Currently employed with Autec Innovated Extractive Solutions Incorporated as a Junior Assayer

“I started the Chemical and Environmental Technology Program (CENV) back in 2013. The main reason I chose BCIT over other institutions and universities was because I liked how focused the education at BCIT is. I still remember calling advisors at multiple universities and have them all tell me they didn’t offer any programs for analytical sciences. Instead, I would need to indirectly take numerous chemistry courses and see how I felt then. That’s why when I found the CENV program, I was delighted. I wanted to become an analyst and the CENV program was designed to help me become one.”

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover the program had much more to offer than just a quality education (both theoretical and practical). The program really provided a positive learning environment, as well as, opportunities for networking and resume building. With the support and advice from my program head and instructors, I was able to secure a contract job as a Laboratory Technician at Maxxam Analytics after my first year. While I was working, I learned just how reputable BCIT is in the work field. After finishing my contract, I went back and finished my diploma. I graduated with distinction in 2016 and started working at Autec Innovative Extractive Solutions LTD as a Junior Assayer (Analyst). I am also currently furthering my professional development by taking the subsequent Assayer Training program at BCIT to attain my BC Assayer License given by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines. I can honestly say going into the CENV program was one of the best decisions I have made in my career.”

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