"BCIT was my foundation"

Matthew Gervan - Technical Team Leader, MDT

Wireless Technician grad“My experiences as a student at BCIT in the Wireless Technician program have become the foundation I have built my career upon. I found the class sizes to be excellent, an environment where I could easily interact with the teachers and get any answers I needed almost immediately. I had the pleasure of learning under an experienced pair of teachers who were able to teach the core concepts of wireless communication in a clear and comprehensive manner. The skills and concepts I learned at BCIT I still use to this day when learning new technologies or products, they all relate back to the common principles of wireless communication. BCIT was able to provide a great environment for learning. I began to develop the focused personal skills that I use to lead teams and complete projects. By studying under the professionals who have been in the field, I was able to take their knowledge and develop my own plans with their experience as my guide. When I look back at BCIT, I see it as an excellent starting point to enter the industry, anyone interested in the wireless field will have more successful career when they understand the foundations and BCIT was my foundation.”

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