The TTED program offers amazing support and knowledge from instructors who have decades of teaching experience

Michael Friesen
Surrey School District #36

TTED graduateA cook, custom cabinet installer, contractor and a boat builder. Just a few jobs I had before choosing to pursue a career as a Technology Teacher.
My story starts like many that go into the TTED program at BCIT. We are influenced by past instructors in secondary school technology classes, and at some point, we realize it would be an amazing career to be a technology teacher ourselves. Who doesn’t want spring break and summer vacations for life, right? However, after completing the 2-year TTED program at BCIT and finishing up with a Bachelor of Education at UBC and now teaching in Surrey, the career of teaching is so much more then the time off. Everyday I open my classroom/shop is completely different. There are challenges along the way but seeing students grasping concepts, starting their work before the bell even rings or comments from students who say I am the reason they come to school, makes it all worth it!
Now back to the program. Coming into the program with some technical skills, I wasn’t sure how many new things I would learn. Quite quickly, I was amazed at how much this program had to offer. Electronics and Arduinos, Woodworking, Metalworking, Automotive, CAD/Coding and the theory that accompanies each subject in the program, enabled me to be able to confidently teach each subject under the heading of Technology Education. With amazing support and knowledge from instructors who have decades of teaching experience, welcoming and fostering a “homey” atmosphere and a cohort that became as close as family, BCIT was an amazing place to spend 2 years studying. Sometimes I wish I could go back…. Maybe one day as an instructor.

Patience, commitment, drive and creativity equal success!

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