Student Spotlights

A graduate from BCIT's Wireless Communications Technician and later from the Technology Management BTech program builds a career at E-Comm 911
"The focus on real world learning, and learning how to be a professional is what really stood out for me at BCIT."
A graduate from BCIT’s Instrumentation and Automation program builds a successful career at Spartan Controls
“My time at BCIT prepared me for the intense field I was about to enter; a strong technical and practical foundation, the ability to time-manage and prioritize tasks, and most importantly the ability to apply critical thinking skills to effectively solve problems.”

Mechanical Engineering grad on his dream career path
“With its practical approach to learning, and its caring instructors, BCIT helped me gain the necessary knowledge and skills to land on my dream career path," says Mechanical Engineering degree graduate Mehran Zargham.
Electronics engineer grad sees no limit to her future
As the first female graduate from the BCIT Bachelor of Technology in the Electronics Engineering degree program, Aimee Byrne utilizes her education to trail blaze her career in the security industry.
Managing the work he loves
Jim couldn't be more enthusiastic about his work, or about the importance of his BCIT education in putting him on this very successful career path.
Success according to his own schedule
"What I like about the B.Tech. program is that I can take the courses when I want and arrange my time accordingly," says Scott deWaal.
Bachelor of technology in manufacturing — the sooner the better
Jason isn’t finished his Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing but his company is already benefiting from it.
Designing the future with wireless communications
Developing cutting-edge technology is all in a day’s work for Sameer Soni.
Automation and instrumentation led to bachelor's degree
David spent two years in a variety of assignments: from computer-assisted design and equipment selection, to control sequence programming, to commissioning and service.
Bachelor of technology brings job offers
International recruiting firms were pursuing Terry Chmelyk before he graduated from the Bachelor of Technology program.
BCIT program leads to exciting career with Nuytco
In just five years, Mike's career with Nuytco Research Ltd. has been an undersea adventure with international clients from the U.S. to Korea.
Passion for gears and motors
The first thing you notice about Trevor Fane greeting you at his workplace is his pride in the company and his role there.
Robotics & automation one step in career path
Colin Harraway has discovered that a career path can be a series of stepping stones, each leading towards a goal, although one may not always know the road or the destination in advance.
Using her creative skills to help bring ideas to life
"You never know what’s going to come through the door," says Nancy Knaggs, a Research Technologist at the BCIT Technology Centre.
Second career in an unlimited field
Power Engineering is a second career for Greg Cameron, who is Manager of Utility Distribution Services for Central Heat Distribution Ltd. in downtown Vancouver.
A true believer in BCIT education
"I noticed that my friends who went to BCIT got jobs right away," says Sherri St. Cyr, when asked why she chose BCIT for her post-secondary education.
A whole new direction in mid-life
"Any person who is considering retraining for a new career should not look at the dollars and cents," says Les Lowe.
Right mix of academic and hands-on technical experience
Completing a Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing while pursuing a hectic, challenging career that requires a great deal of travel is quite an accomplishment. But Jacqueline Gustafson is nearly finished.
Finding a job was no problem at all
Some days I can't believe I get paid for this", says Angie Gregson, a technology teacher at Moody Middle School.
Oversight of entire design, manufacturing and delivery cycle equals job satisfaction and a solid future
Oliver Brett realized upon graduation from high school that he would never be satisfied just working with mechanical technology – he wanted to design it.
Plugged into a Rewarding Engineering Career
"I didn't want to quit my day job, but I needed a path that could help me become a professional engineer."