ISCP Project Submission Form

Students will select projects based on the information provided below. Please read about ISCP and review the FAQ to learn about the program before filling out this form.

The ISCP projects begin in September and January. Submission deadlines are August 22 and December 15. Projects received after the deadlines will be saved for the next term or the next year. See the term options table for details.

Company or organization

Contact information

Technical contact (if different than above)


Please provide a description of the project, approximately 200 words long, with well-defined goals and expectations. See hints for successful proposals. If desired, you may submit a more detailed description, in PDF format if possible, to after submitting this form.
See the term options table for the various project options. Indicate below if you have a preference for a particular start (September or January) or program (Diploma or Degree). If you leave this blank we will decide based on your project description.


I've read and understood the commitments required from a sponsor.
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