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COVID-19 Return to Operations

*Note: All information marked with an asterisk indicate that this content has been added/updated in the last 48 hours. If you have a question that has not been addressed on the BCIT COVID-19 resource page, please email

Employers are required by order from the Provincial Health Officer, enforced by WorkSafeBC, to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan, known at BCIT as the Return to Campus Plan. This Plan outlines the policies, guidelines, and procedures they have put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and the Plan must be posted in the workplace. Services or instruction coming back to campus must undergo a risk assessment with involvement by key stakeholders, and based on this risk assessment, a Return to Campus Plan is developed. BCIT’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) reviews the Return to Campus Plan, and if requirements are met, approval to proceed is granted by the EOC. If you have any questions about Return to Campus Plans, please contact

View the BCIT Pandemic Exposure Plan or the BCIT COVID-19 Safety Plan for the School of Construction and the Environment and the School of Transportation.

Before a final decision is made to return faculty, staff, and students back to campus, BCIT is ensuring that all safe work protocols are addressed. We have therefore implemented the following mandatory procedures.


If a department is considering returning faculty, staff, and/or students back onto any campus, they must complete the following steps. This is to ensure all safe work protocols are addressed, physical distancing requirements are met, and maximum gathering size is not exceeded. Other considerations by the Emergency Operations Committee are critical mass, building occupancy/exits, and use of common areas, etc. Until such time as final approval is received from the EOC, communications with students should not include a definitive return date.


  1. The Associate Dean or Department Manager must provide consent to the program faculty and/or department staff so they may begin the process of exploring options to return to campus.
  2. The department must contact the BCIT OHS department at to conduct a risk assessment of the areas to be occupied. All return requests must accompanied by a written risk assessment. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for this assessment.
  3. Once the written risk assessment report has been received, the department must implement all the safe work recommendations, including the return to work plan.
  4. When the return to work plan is complete, the Associate Dean or Department Manager must submit a request for approval to EOC at Including a copy of the return to campus plan, risk assessment, safety protocols that the department has implemented, and the proposed return date.
  5. The appropriate Joint OHS Committee (JOHSC) will then have 48 hours to review the proposed return to campus plan and comment.
  6. The return to campus plan will be forwarded to the EOC for approval, who will provide a written response either approving or articulating why the return to campus plan is not approved to the Associate Dean or Department Manager within 48 hours.
  7. Once approved, the department will receive an email of acceptance. The plan can only be implemented once all controls are in place. It is the department’s responsibility on a daily basis to ensure all safety protocols are followed, as outlined in their return to campus plan. This will be supported by a multi-faceted team as relevant.

Return to Work Information for BCIT Employees

Return to Work Plans and Risk Assessments

*Schools and department plans will be available here, ShareSpace, and posted in the designated work space. Only active Return to Work Plans and Risk Assessments will be outlined below.