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COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan

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BCIT COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan

BCIT is transitioning into the September 2020 phase of the Go-Forward Plan. This transition will streamline the processes for department and school program planning which will provide uniformity across many areas of institute operations and simplify the site-specific plans for areas.

The BCIT COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan outlines the high level risk factors department and school programs must adhere to and which forms the foundation of their Safety Plan. We have also prepared an Executive Summary of the BCIT COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan and an interactive infographic of the Go-Forward Plan that provides our community with a visual and easy-to-understand overview on the key health and safety guidelines outlined in the Plan.

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training has released a new edition of the COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for BC’s Post-Secondary Sector to help post-secondary institutions operate safely while minimizing the risks associated with COVID-19. BCIT’s own Go-Forward Plan was developed to reflect the guidelines provided by the Province of BC.


If a department or school program is considering returning faculty, staff, and/or students back onto any campus, they must complete the following steps. This is to ensure all safe work protocols are addressed, physical distancing requirements are met, and maximum gathering size is not exceeded. Other considerations by the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) are critical mass, building occupancy/exits, and use of common areas, etc. Until such time as final approval is received from the EOC, communications with students should not include a definitive return date.

Steps for completing a Safety Plan

  1. Review the COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan as the master planning document for this process. To further assist you in this process, the following flow chart will provide a visual of the process.
  2. Use this checklist (Academic Spaces and Administrative Spaces) as a tool to assess COVID-19 control measure preparedness for students and employees and the spaces they will be using. Refer to the COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan for standardized safety guidelines and procedures, high level risk factors alignment, and Safety Plan Typologies.
  3. For each control measure, state the details. If the control measure is a ‘No’ or ‘NA’, please provide a brief explanation.
  4. The manager requests all PPE requirements by submitting this draft Safety Plan to the
  5. Implement all the safety measures in this Safety Plan.
  6. The manager completes a site visit to ensure all control measures and safety supplies are in place.
  7. The manager signs the completed Safety Plan and submits it to for approval.
  8. Once approved, the COVID-19 Safety Plan is posted in all work areas identified within this plan.
  9. Note: The workspaces cannot be used until all applicable control measures are in place and Safety Plan is approved.  For additional resources refer to the BCIT COVID-19 Go-Forward Plan, and for assistance email

Moving Forward

There will be a transition phase for departments and school programs to update their Safety Plan for the fall term. Managers can work with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) department and Return to Operations in formalizing this process.

Should a department or school program have questions on which high level risk factors department and school programs should adhere to then they can contact the OHS department and Return to Operations for clarity.

Prior to EOC approval of the site specific plans all controls must be in place. Upon approval of the respective site specific plans they must be posted in the work place.

Return to Work Plans and Risk Assessments

Schools and department plans will be available here, ShareSpace, and posted in the designated work space. Only active Return to Work Plans and Risk Assessments will be outlined below.

Return to Work and Campus Information