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*Note: Secured status indicates the building is currently not available for public access. All information marked with an asterisk indicates that this content has been added/updated in the last 48 hours. If you have a question that has not been addressed on the BCIT COVID-19 resource page, please emailĀ

Building Status
NE1 Open
NE2 Open
NE3 Secured
NE4 Open
NE6 Open
NE7 Secured
NE8 Open
NE9 Secured
NE10 Open
NE12 Open
NE16 Open
NE18 Open
NE20 Open
NE21 Secured
NE22 Secured
NE23 Secured
NE24 Secured
NE25 Open
NE28 Secured
NW1 Secured
NW3 Open
NW5 Secured
NW6 Open
SE1 Open
SE2 Open
SE4 Open
SE6 Open
SE8 Open
SE9 Secured
SE10 Open
SE12 Open
SE14 Secured
SE16 Open
SE19 Open
SE30 Secured
SE40 Secured
SE41 Secured
SE42 Secured
SE50 Open
SW1 Open
SW2 Secured
SW3 Open
SW5 Secured
SW9 Open
SW10 Open
SW11 Open
SW12 Open
SW13 Open
SW14 Open
SW15 Open
SW16 Open
CARI Secured
BCIT Downtown Campus Secured
BCIT Aerospace Technology Campus Open
BCIT Marine Campus Open
BCIT Annacis Island Campus Open