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Part-time Studies Courses

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseSpring/Summer 2022Fall 2022
Academic Writing (ENGL 1177) NoYes
Applied Capital and Financial Markets (BUSA 7500) NoYes
Applied Ethics (LIBS 7002) NoYes
Applied Strategic Management - Design, Risks and Ethics (BUSA 7900) NoYes
Basic Mandarin and Chinese Culture (CINT 1210) NoNo
Brand Strategy in the Digital Age (MKTG 7100) NoYes
Business Management Strategies - The Impact of Energy Costs on the Bottom Line (BUSA 7820) NoNo
Calculus for Management (OPMT 7701) NoYes
Chinese Studies (CINT 2222) NoNo
Circular Economy (BSUS 5220) NoYes
Consumer Insights (MKTG 8100) NoNo
Critical Reading and Writing (LIBS 7001) NoYes
Data and Decisions (BABI 8800) NoYes
Earth Systems and Environmental Policy (BSUS 5140) MaybeYes
Ecological Economics: Social and Environmental Policy (BSUS 7100) NoNo
Film and Theatre: An Active Audience (LIBS 7014) NoYes
Food Microbiology (FOOD 1026) YesNo
Food and Society: Meanings, Desires, and Relationships (LIBS 7016) NoNo
French Business Language and Culture (GLBL 5030) NoNo
Global Storyteller (BCST 5035) NoNo
Health Ethics (LIBS 7021) NoYes
Impact Measurement & Reporting (FMGT 5330) NoNo
Implementing Organizational Changeā€”Stakeholders, Timing and Evaluation (ORGB 8700) NoMaybe
Intercultural Communication Competency and Diversity Awareness for Professionals (COMM 7100) NoYes
International Business Practices (BUSA 4500) NoNo
International Management and Cross-Cultural Negotiation (GTTM 7000) NoYes
International Marketing (MKTG 8000) NoNo
Introduction to Business Management Strategies in Energy (BUSA 7810) NoNo
Introduction to Climate Change, Ecology, and Systems Thinking (EENG 7000) NoMaybe
Introduction to Modern World History (HIST 1100) NoNo
Introduction to the Minerals Industry (MINE 1100) MaybeYes
Introductory Psychology 1 (PSYC 1101) NoYes
Introductory Psychology 2 (PSYC 1102) NoYes
Life Cycle Assessment for Business (BSUS 7400) NoNo
Logic and Practical Reasoning (LIBS 7008) NoMaybe
Managerial Economics (ECON 8550) NoNo
Performance Metrics and Value Management (BABI 8900) NoMaybe
Philosophy of Science: Understanding Scientific Reasoning (LIBS 7006) NoYes
Physical Geology (MINE 1101) NoYes
Power BI and Data Analytics (BABI 7800) NoYes
Precalculus for Management (OPMT 5700) MaybeYes
Selected Topics in Liberal Studies (LIBS 7027) NoNo
Social Purpose Business: Uniting Strategy, Communications, and Impact (BSUS 7200) NoMaybe
Social Return on Investment (BUSA 5028) NoNo
Sustainability Management Systems for Business Leaders (OPMT 5310) NoNo
Sustainable Business Leadership: Skills and Values (BSUS 5130) MaybeYes
Sustainable Business Models (BSUS 5210) NoYes
Sustainable Business Operations (OPMT 5120) NoYes
Sustainable Business Strategy (BSUS 5110) NoNo
Sustainable Change Management and Leadership (ORGB 5230) NoNo
Sustainable Process Improvement and Design (OPMT 5320) NoNo
Technology and Society (LIBS 7007) NoYes
Technology, Invention and Power (LIBS 7005) NoYes
Visual Communication and Culture (BCST 5010) NoYes
War, Peace and Justice (LIBS 7011) NoYes