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BCIT specializes in applied learning: a unique blend of academic learning and real-world skills.

Students learn the theory behind their field of study, then apply what they’ve learned in our labs, shops, and while working on projects with business and industry.

This means students graduate with more than just an education, they have relevant experience; they know exactly what to do and why it’s done that way. Employers know that’s what they can expect from BCIT graduates, and they look for it.

  • Our programs are developed with input from leaders in business and industry, and are taught by committed and experienced instructors.
  • Our set system ensures students build relationships with their instructors and classmates, and build longstanding contacts in their profession. The smaller classes also ensure great access to labs and equipment.
  • Our focus on applied projects and teamwork in group assignments helps students excel in collaborative environments.

BCIT offers programs that lead to certificates, diplomas, and degrees in technologies, business, health sciences, and trades. We have a longstanding reputation as a provider of excellent and relevant job-ready skills and have been widely recognized as a credible yet different educational model that more than holds its own when compared to university.

The many paths that lead from BCIT all begin with choices made by individual students to pursue their dreams here.

Use this guide to help students map their way.

Help your student get a first-hand experience.