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High school applicants

BCIT welcomes applications from high school students. Once a student has chosen the program in which they wish to apply and has reviewed the entrance requirements, they can generally apply with either of the following:

  • Midterm grade for the required course
  • Final grade for the required course
  • Grade 11 final grades and proof of Grade 12 registration

Program entry

  • Find and review the specific entrance requirements for the program on the Entrance Requirements page
  • Have the required documents that show you meet all of the entrance requirements for your chosen program.

For more information about our application process, please review the High School Applicants page.

Help your student apply

1) Find their program

  • Visit
  • If you know the name of the program use the search bar to find the appropriate catalogue listing.
  • If you don’t know the name of the program browse a complete list or use the advanced search tool to help narrow your results.

2) Check entrance requirements

Once you’ve found the program you can find entrance requirements and advise the student.

3) Prepare to apply

Review How to Apply.

Application processing periods

Applications are accepted and processed at various times throughout the year. Visit When to Apply for details.

Help your student get a first-hand experience.