Part-time Studies

Part-Time Studies (PTS) in the School of Construction and the Environment at BCIT offers great flexibility in both course and program selection and scheduling. There are many credential programs and courses offered in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate your learning needs amidst other commitments and routines. One-day workshops and compressed courses lasting one to two weeks are also available.

Search for courses in the subjects that interest you by entering keywords in the subject area and selecting “course.” Or download our Part-time Studies flyer for a complete list of the programs and courses available this term. You will also find information on PTS offerings in the individual program listings on our site.

To take courses or start a program through PTS, you select the courses you want to take, ensure you meet the prerequisites, register, then pay your fees. If you plan to complete an entire program through part-time studies, submit a Program Declaration Request.

Most PTS courses are delivered in classrooms or labs at various BCIT campuses, but some may combine classroom learning with the Internet, distance education, or through a combination of methods. If you would like to save travel time and gain schedule flexibility, distance education is worth considering.

The courses that make up full-time programs are usually filled to capacity, but you may be able to take advantage of an opening when studying part-time if you obtain permissions and follow the special enrolment process. Find out which school offers the course, look up the program there, and call the contact person for the particulars. You should note that not all programs permit course enrolment on this basis.