Distance Education

Are you unable to attend school either full-time or part-time? Would you like to gain new knowledge and skills or upgrade old ones? Would you like to learn at home at your own pace? Through distance education and computer-based training, we can offer you several educational routes that might be just what you're looking for.

The courses/programs are practical, convenient, and affordable and are intended for individuals who are not able to attend full-time or part-time classes at the BCIT campus. All course assignments and exams are community-based and can normally be completed in your home town or surrounding area.

Enrolment is by continuous entry, i.e., you can register at any time. This allows you to study in the convenience of your home and, most importantly, to your own schedule. You are given up to a year to complete a course so you can study at your own pace!

Civil Engineering Technology Distance Education

For your benefit we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and recommend that you review this page as it may help in your decision whether DE is the correct path for you.

At present we are offering following DE courses. Please note that these DE courses do not lead towards a credential. You can register at any time for our DE courses and will have one year from the time of registration to complete a course.

  1. TSYH 1150 - Strength of Materials Part 1: Forces on Systems
  2. TSYH 1151 - Strength of Materials Part 2: Stress/Strain
  3. TSYH 1160 - Graphical Communication
  4. TSYH 1166 - Maps and Topographic Drawings
  5. TSYH 3145 - Fundamentals of Fluids
  6. TSYH 3146 - Flow under Pressure
  7. TSTH 3220 - Aggregates Part 1: Basic Properties
  8. TSYH 3221 - Aggregates Part 2: Production and Quality Control
  9. TSYH 3460 - Contracts Part 1: Types of Contracts and Contract Documents
  10. TSYH 4195 - Civil Tech Project
  11. TSYH 4199 - Technical Report
  12. TSYH 4530 - Subdivision Planning/Design Part 1: Land Use Planning
  13. TSYH 4532 - Subdivision Planning/Design Part 2: Urban Street Design
  14. TSYH 4720 - Engineering Economics Part 1: Fundamentals of Financial Calculations
  15. TSYH 4721 - Engineering Economics Part 2: Introduction to Engineering Economics

Bridge Inspection

  1. TSYH 1573 - Bridge Inspection Part 1
  2. TSYH 2574 - Bridge Inspection Part 2
  3. TSYH 3575 - Bridge Inspection Part 3

Upon successful completion of Bridge Inspection 1, 2 and 3 the learner may apply for Certification as a Bridge Inspector. The application for Certification may be accepted or rejected by Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Normally, only people working in or with considerable experience in the bridge maintenance/inspection field will be accepted.


Individual courses are available in Parks Facility Management.

The Parks program can be divided into two main subject areas with each developed specific for the professionals in their prospective fields.

Parks Safety & Security
These courses provide professional development training for those individuals who are responsible for park safety and security. All courses are offered through print-based distance education in which practical, field-based assignments integrate theory with current industry practices.

  1. Parks Safety & Security Law - Part 1
  2. Parks Safety & Security Law - Part 2
  3. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  4. Effective Evidence Reporting
  5. Safety Program Compliance
  6. Managing Safety Compliance
  7. Parks Safety Program Implementation
  8. Managing for Ecological Integrity in BC's Parks and Protected Areas

NOTE :  Law - Part 1 & 2, satisfactory completion is required for all persons appointed by BC Parks as Park Rangers under the Park Act and Park and Recreation Area Regulation. Registration for these two courses is open throughout the year.

Parks Facility Management
These courses provide professional development training for those individuals who are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of park operations. All courses are offered through print-based distance education in which practical, field-based assignments integrate theory with current industry practices.

  1. Park Maintenance Management
  2. Park Building Inspection
  3. Park Furniture Inspection
  4. Park Roadway Inspection
  5. Park Trails and Path Inspection
  6. Park Signs and Markings Inspection

Piping Trades

In the Piping Trades Department, we can offer you opportunities of training in our Industrial Gas Fitting (A Licence), Domestic/Commercial Gas Fitter (B Licence) distance education programs. At the request of the gas industry BCIT has developed a new more flexible gas training program. With our new high quality student guides and procedural handbook as well as phone in instructor tutoring the student can complete the theory section assignments at home. Assignments can then be delivered via E-mail, Fax or regular mail. The program offers continuous intake with a one year completion time for the theory section of each level. The program levels "A" and "B" are stand alone with a required two week practical (hands on) session at BCIT on completion of the theory part of each level.

To be eligible to write the Class B Licensing Exam The Gas Safety Branch requires the applicant to have completed an apprenticeship in one of the Piping or Refrigeration trades. To be eligible to write the Class A Gasfitter Licensing Exam the applicant must hold a Class B Gasfitter License for a minimum two years.

For further details on a particular program of studies or courses, please visit the relevant program web site given above. We’re sure you’ll find a host of useful and interesting courses awaiting you.