Learning Options

In addition to a diverse group of programs and courses, we offer a variety of ways you can learn. Almost all programs are offered in the traditional classroom mode, but if that doesn't suit your situation, we offer some courses by distance education and distributed learning, or we can tailor a customized program or set of courses to suit your needs.

Apprenticeship training is a form of learning that consists of on the job training, work experience and formal classroom technical training. It is a full-time commitment, 80% of which is paid on-the-job work experience and 20% technical training in the School of Construction and the Environment at BCIT in one of 15 trades. See the complete list on our areas of study page.

If your primary interest is in the traditional full-time program with classroom delivery, browse through the listings on our areas of study page.

Part-time studies courses are offered periodically throughout the year by many of our program areas. Check the program areas you're interested in to see if they offer part-time studies courses, or search for part-time courses.

We currently offer distance education courses in eight subject areas. If this is an educational route you'd like to pursue, have a look at what's available.

Perhaps you're more interested in a two day or week-long seminar at BCIT, or some customized training delivered at your place of work. Our industry services personnel would be glad to assess your requirements and see if we can provide what you need.