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For a complete list of School of Construction and the Environment programs, including advanced programs, please see our Areas of Study section.

Please note: the most recent graduate outcomes statistics will soon be released and the below information will reflect this early in the new year.

Bachelor of Technology Programs
Construction Management 100% $4,320
Pursue a career on a construction site managing and directing large, multi-disciplinary construction projects.
Environmental Engineering Technology 100% $4,480
Work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team addressing the environmental challenges faced by the industry.
Diploma Programs
Arch. & Building Tech. - Architectural 92% $3,040
Pursue careers in architectural offices or offer design services.
Civil Engineering Diploma
83% $3,200
Work as member of design teams preparing plans for subdivisions, bridges, highways, buildings and all civic works.
Fish, Wildlife, & Recreation 73% $2,560
Work in a diverse aspect of resource management.
Geomatics Engineering Tech. 100% n/a
Involves mapping , drafting and land surveying.
Interior Design 100% $2,560
Work as a designer in commercial and residential interior design firms or in architectural firms.
Mining 65% $3,680
Pursue careers working in mines sites, exploration camps and labs in BC, across Canada or around the world.
Advanced Diploma Programs
Geographic Information Systems 93% $3,680
Develop and manage GIS databases, analyze data and produce information for decision making, manage GIS projects, develop custom systems or train users.
Certificate Programs
Arch. & Struc. CADD - Architectural Option 94% $4,160
Pursue careers in durable building construction, building problem diagnosis, new materials research and development.
Arch. & Struc. CADD - Structural Option 92% $3,040
Pursue careers in construction, quantity surveying, estimating, property development and project management.
Boilermaking 60% $4,250
Work as an apprentice boilermaker.
Carpentry 83% $2,280
Work in connection with the assembly and erection of falsework and forms for concrete, wood and metal frame construction. Install interior and exterior finishing metals for residential, commercial and industrial projects.
Electrical Foundation 82% $3,520
Job opportunities exist in the construction, mining, forestry, food production, manufacturing, grain handling, transportation, utility and service industries.
Interior Design 67% $3,200
This program is designed for those seeking employment in the Interior Design field.
Ironworking 74% $3,200
Job opportunities exist in both the structural steel and reinforced concrete sectors of the construction industry.
Joinery (Cabinetmaking) 83% $2,400
A career in joinery can include millwork, cabinetmaking, furniture manufacturing, door and window construction, interior finishing and stair-building.
Piping 88% $2,560
Work in the piping trades which includes plumbing, steam-fitting, gas-fitting and sprinkler-fitting.
Security Systems Technician 98% $2,560
Design, install and service alarm systems, central station monitoring equipment, access control systems and closed-circuit television systems.
Sheet Metal 100% $2,400
Being employed in the sheet metal trade means you could be working in a shop environment or working on a job site where you would be reading blueprints and specifications, layout and fabrication work, install sheet metal systems and alter existing systems.
Metal Fabrication 81% $2,560
Training prepares students for entry-level employment as metal fabricators. Upon successful completion of the program, students may seek employment as apprentices.
Welder Foundation 82% $3,840
Work in diverse work places such as metal fabricating shops, general repair shops, new construction sites, mining, logging, shipbuilding, pulp mills, sawmills and oilfield camps.
Welding Level A 92% $4,480
More advanced welding skills and related theory than taught in the Foundation and B.
Welding Level B 88% $4,000
Pipe welding, gas tungsten arc welding, etc.
Associate Certificate Programs
Building Construction Technology 94% $4,160
Work in the field of housing and small building design and construction.
Building Design & Architectural CAD 81% $3,360
This specialty applies drafting, computer applications and graphic presentation with architectural and design skills used in the preparation of architectural projects and construction of buildings.

* Percentage of employed graduates 2 months after completing program (calculated as average over 3 years).
** Median salary of graduates 2 months after completing program (calculated as average over 3 years).
n/a - Data unavailable due to either limited sample size or lack of comparable time period.