Career Ideas

The construction and environmental industries in Canada are responsible for more of our gross national expenditure than any other sector. Job opportunities are numerous and varied, ranging from entry-level labourer positions to doctoral research. The School of Construction and the Environment provides training in most areas of the construction and environmental industries, and offers multiple career entry and exit points.

Provincial and federal governments are predicting significant shortages in both traditional and non-traditional construction occupations in the coming decade. Here in British Columbia, the 2010 Olympics and flourishing economy have generated a building boom — construction-related industries are actively seeking employees across the full spectrum of employment. Increasing awareness of and respect for the environment is birthing a new generation of environmental stewards and associated career paths.

Whether you're a recent high school grad or looking for a career change, have a look through our website to see what kind of training fits your goals. You might want to pay particular attention to the credentials and learning options pages.

Here are some excellent outside resources on careers in construction and the environment: