Application Information

The course subsidy is aimed towards home builders and home construction contractors that operate primarily in the City of Vancouver. However others will be considered depending on interest and number of applications.
  1. Builders, tradespersons, and trades sub-contractors are given priority enrollment pending meeting eligibility requirements.
  2. Architects, designers, energy advisors, engineers, City of Vancouver internal staff will be added to a waitlist.
  3. Must be a full-time employed tradesperson operating at least partly in the City of Vancouver. Full time students are not eligible.

All applicants will be notified regarding their eligibility within 10 business days of BCIT receiving their expression of interest. Applicants must be actively operating in COV. They must include copies of:

If you will be sponsored by your employer or organization and your fees are to be invoiced, you must include a Letter of Authorization from the company or organization. For an example of such letter open up our Sample Letter of Authorization [PDF].

A maximum two employees from a single company per course permitted.